Mindful Training and Coaching

" When we are aware, open, and  connected to ourselves and to our environment, we can more easily  tap into our inner wisdom and resources, and more effectively focus on discovering and developing our  skills and well-being, helping others do the same along the way."


Les prochaines propositions pour 2021 / New offerings for 2021 :

- en français, un cycle MBSR et d'initiation à la pratique de Pleine Conscience (8 séances hebdomadaires), les mercredis soir du 17 mars au 5 mai, entre 18h30 et 21h, en ligne via Zoom (en collaboration avec Emergences, inscription via ce lien) ;

- deux parcours d'approfondissement autour de l'auto-compassion (5 séances hebdomadaires), les lundis soir du 15 février au 15 mars ou les lundis soir du 10 mai au 7 juin, toujours en ligne via Zoom, entre 18h30 et 21h (en collaboration avec Emergences, cliquer sur les liens pour s'inscrire) ;

- un tout nouveau parcours sur les Qualités du Cœur (6 séances, une toutes les 3 semaines), du 25 février au 10 juin, entre 19h et 21h, en ligne via Zoom (en collaboration avec Emergences, cliquer sur les liens pour s'inscrire) ;

- des journées de retraite en ligne, entre février et juin 2021, en collaboration avec Emergences (détails et inscriptions suivant ce lien mis à jour régulièrement) ;

For more informations / Pour plus d'informations, contact me. 


Being human is at the heart of Maurizio's personal journey, and so it is in his professional life. Zegtraining represents an ongoing commitment to learn and share practices and perspectives that can help us be and feel aware, connected to ourselves and to our environment, freer and happier, so that we can more easily and effectively focus on discovering and developing our resources, skills and well-being, helping others do the same along the way, whether it is in the workplace, throughout the studies, or in our private lives.

Maurizio volunteers with OMEGA90 and supports their careful and invaluable efforts in the field of palliative care.

Awareness "A perfection of means, and confusion of aims seems to be our main problem." A. Einstein
Kindness and Compassion "Peace begins with a smile." Mother Teresa
Openness "Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” M. Aurelius
Learning "If you don't know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn." A. Rand
Sharing "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." W. Churchill



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Maurizio is a human being, a passionate learner and researcher at heart, and a trainer and coach by professional vocation. After his former experiences in management and administration, both in the private and public sectors, he has worked for almost a decade in academia, earning two PhDs (Management Engineering and Economics).
A long-standing mindfulness practicioner himself, he has trained to become a certified MBSR teacher (CFM is the only MBSR-certifying institution in the world), and over time has had the chance to practice with incredibly inspiring teachers, among which the very founders of MBSR and other precious mentors and human beings. He is also a trained educator in the Mindful Schools K-12 curriculum, bringing mindfulness to kids and teenagers in schools around the world. He is devoted to his own personal practice in daily life and to continuous learning consistently attending workshops, seminars and retreats.
Nowadays, he has the great opportunity to support individuals, groups, and organisations, through mindfulness interventions (MBI), MBSR programs, as well as workshops and coaching for personal and professional development. Moreover, he has the privilege of accompanying and coaching Bachelor and Master students, and PhD candidates, at different universities. He practices fluently in three languages (English, French, or Italian), and also speaks Spanish, Luxembourgish, and basic German.

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