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Maurizio is a facilitator of the Meditation and Leadership programme, present in many cities in France thanks to an association of people engaged in the field of organisational mindfulness.
The programme is addressed to professionals wishing to:
  • find support for a regular mindfulness practice
  • enrich their practice, and give it another dimension, at the heart of action
  • identify, thanks to a reflection with other professionals / decision makers, more meaning and impact to their action as leaders.

The reflection among peers, living out of situations of the same nature, allows an experience-based feedback very rich and relevant. It allows synergy and trust to emerge around shared challenges. This programme is designed as to allow every participant to enrol in future programmes. In any given year, two cycles are scheduled to offer a longer support to those needing it.

For more informations and for the next cycle schedule, please contact me or visit the website of Meditation and Leadership (in French).

This programme is addressed to professionals in a leadership position: executives (members of a direction committee, individuals occupying a directive role) and managers (team leaders). This cycle is designed for professionals who already have an established mindfulness practice, even if not practising since a while. If you are looking for an meditation initiation programme, please contact me.

Each meeting develops in two moments:

  • 30 minutes of practice (with a secular approach compatible with all traditions)

  • 90 minutes of sharing and reflection among peers, based on two to three business cases proposed by the participants. Each session can be preceded by some time for reflection on the practice itself, if participants require it.

Everyone is welcomed to begin the journey in this cycle: 5 meetings once a month in the evenings; around 10 participants per group; an intimate environment facilitating exchange and conviviality.

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